Meet Sean

Meet the Founder of Get A Grip Motion Picture Lighting Services, Inc

Based in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, Get A Grip Motion Picture Lighting Services, Inc. is known for providing a solid Mid-Western work ethic with safe, creative problem solving - Grip and Lighting Services, coupling this with state-of-the-art Equipment – your G&E Dept. needs are met here.

Sean Kelly
Sean’s 48’ Grip Trailer he ran when Michigan had the Film Incentive program here

How Sean Started in Film Industry

In early 80’s while still a High School student and an interest in Film, I stated my Senior studies in the Radio and Television Dept. Making films during college only furthered my appetite for the biz. Worked a staff job for a year or so setting up large Audio Visual shows then setting out to start my Freelance career for a couple years doing a brief stint in the Rock and Roll industry but always pursuing my interests in the film business. Shooting, Grip and Lighting I couldn’t get enough of and I set out to start exclusively in the Film Business. In the mid-80’s I working at G&E Rental Shops here in Michigan and Hollywood to make ends meet and learn to repair/operate the gear when I wasn’t day playing on sets. Got a chance to work for a very cool Film production company where we shot a lot of miniatures, built sets, shot music videos and did higher end commercials and some pilot TV work, primaly on Film and that cemented my path. I started with a van package and the business grew from there. I got accepted into the IATSE Stagehands Local 38 in 1995 and in 2001 I was accepted into IATSE Local 600 as a Director Of Photography.

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